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Lumigan eye drops generic – a unique tool that made a breakthrough in medicine and cosmetology. It has long been known that beautiful eyes especially emphasize the femininity and sexuality of the fairer sex. Therefore, scientists have developed a completely safe drug – Bimatoprost, which enhances the growth of eyelashes. Thus new lashes are not only longer, but also thicker, their density increases. 

Lumigan (Eye Drops): Uses, Dosage

The active substance Bimatoprost, that makes part of Lumigan, strengthens hair follicles of eyelashes and eyebrows, making them shiny and dark. The fatty acid Bimatoprost in Lumigan, stimulates growth of hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. As shown by clinical studies, the use of Lumigan makes eyelashes longer by almost 40% and thicker by more than 100%.

You can buy lumigan online in the form of small 3 ml vials. Price of Lumigan at the online pharmacies starts from € 21.02 per vial. Buy lumigan without prescription at the online pharmacy.

How to Use Lumigan 

Cosmetic agent Lumigan bimatoprost is applied along the lash line, in order to let Bimatoprost penetrate into the hair follicles, stimulating blood flow. Lumigan solution has transparent, non-greasy texture and is non-marking. The medicine should not be applied to the lower eyelids, drip into the eyes or applied without removing contact lenses.

Latisse for Longer Eyelashes

Lumigan 0.03% – ophthalmic solution for recovery, treatment and strengthening of damaged eyelashes. Lumigan (Bimatoprost) is absorbed in 10 minutes after instillation in eye. Eyebrows are also growing much faster after using Lumigan, and their density increases. 

The results of applying Lumigan solution become apparent after a month of regular use. It improves the growth of lashes, their volume increases. The final effect is achieved on 14-16th week of application. Do not stop the use of the drug, if you do not notice the obvious changes after two weeks.

Ophthalmologists recommend to apply Lumigan 1 time a day at bedtime on a cleansed from make-up eyelid skin. The drops should be applied on the base of the eyelashes follicles. If you use contact lenses, before applying the medication do not forget to take them off. Doctors recommend not to interrupt the course of treatment, it will reduce its effectiveness.

Bimatoprost can be used with other drugs. Lumigan drops are not hazardous for your health and cannot affect it.Ophthalmologists do not recommended pregnant women and women nursing a baby to order Lumigan online. Consult your doctor before you begin the treatment; 

Where can I buy Lumigan online? Lumigan eye drops price

Be sure to check the supplier before you buy Lumigan online. Online Pharmacy NoprescriptionPharm guarantees high quality of healthcare products. Further advantages are low price of Lumigan, high level of service and fast shipping worldwide. Remember that the effect lasts only at a regular use of Lumigan, so it’s better to order several bottles at once.

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