Buy Levitra Original online: best erectile dysfunction medication

Levitra 20 mg is a medication designed for men with erectile dysfunction and impotence. The active substance Vardenafil increases potency and duration of sexual intercourse, restores sexual health. The drug consists of natural ingredients, which are not addictive and are harmless for the body. We will tell where to buy Levitra and other medications for male power online without prescription at a low price.

How does Levitra work?

Levitra effect lasts is from 10 to 14 hours after admission. Medicine enables you to have from 4 to 10 erections, their duration can be from 15 minutes to an hour. The drug is composed of all active substances required to restore male potency. Already after taking 1 pill of Levitra 20 mg you will feel a positive effect of Levitra.

The benefits of the pills that improve erection:

  • erectile function improves and recovery time after intercourse shortens;
  • potency restores;
  • reproductive system condition restores;
  • sex intercourse duration increases.

How to take Levitra?

Before taking the drug, you should be examined by a doctor. The course of treatment is assigned depending on the health condition. The usual dose is one tablet of Levitra 10 mg a day. The medicine should be taken 20-35 minutes prior to sexual intercourse with still water. The drug is composed of natural components, it does not contain hazardous substances and has a positive effect on the body. Levitra 20 mg is not addictive, does not affect the male sperm profile, so it can be taken if the pregnancy is planned.

The effectiveness of Levitra is not affected by the degree of erectile dysfunction, the type of diabetes and the level of glycated hemoglobin. In other words, Levitra helps a man to get the desired result even in cases where Viagra or Cialis are ineffective.

Contraindications for Levitra:

  • age under 18 and over 65 years;
  • diseases of the heart, blood vessels, liver and stomach;
  • hypertension;
  • congenital penile deformity.

Side effects of Levitra are observed only after an overdose, so the drug should be taken after consultation with a physician. Adverse reactions include headache, dizziness, nausea and nasal congestion. Side effects subside quickly, once the medication leaves the body, within 24 hours after administration.

Levitra 20 mg price in online pharmacies

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Levitra and alcohol

Levitra effect may develop slower after alcohol consumption. The manufacturer of this medicine that increases potency promises that a strong erection will develop half an hour after taking a tablet. But if your blood contains large quantities of alcohol, the liver can primarily recycle alcohol and only then the drug. Thus, the interaction of Levitra with alcohol can delay drug effect for a few hours.

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